The IV Meeting of the Research Network "Integration, State and Governance" took place at the European University of Lisbon on 21 and 22 October 2016. The theme of the meeting was "Towards a New Europe: Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development for the Deepening of Integration" and it counted with the presence of 14 lecturers, such as professor Carlos Carlos Molina del Pozo, Professor Roberto Correia da Silva Gomes Caldas, Professor Liliana Bertoni, Professor Elizabeth Accioly, Professor Jamile Bergamaschine Mata Diz, Professor Carla Volpini Ribeiro Silva, Professor Katelyn Gonczy, Commander Chief Gonçalo Souza, among others. The discussions were divided into three main groups: economic and social cohesion; policies and strategies of economic, social and territorial cohesion for sustainable development and EU economic governance. See below the photos of the event:


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