Ankara and Brussels signed an agreement under which Turkey agreed to accept illegal migrants who arrive at the Greek islands through Turkish territory.

In exchange for the cooperation of Ankara, the leaders of the European Union (EU) agreed to accelerate the liberalization of visas for Turkish visitors, re-launch the accession negotiations and even double to a total of six billion euros the aid to be granted to Turkey until 2018, which is intended to improve the living conditions of the 2.7 million Syrian refugees in the country.

According to Erdogan, Turkey has so far received only less than two billion euros. "[European] Governments are not being honest," Erdogan told German public television ARD.

"Three million Syrians, or people from Iraq, are now in Turkey. (...) The European Union has not fulfilled what they promised in this matter”, he said.


According to the Turkish President, the expenses of Turkey in aiding Syrian refugees have amounted to 12 billion euros so far.

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