A group of EU officials covered the exposed photos of all the former male presidents of the European Parliament. A way to show discontent for a male-dominated Union, on a feminine strike day by equal representation and equal pay.

Parliamentary official Laura Krenske says: "In the European Parliament, we can see that politics is still made for and by men, especially with the rise of right-wing and strong men. It is very important that we stand firm. there are many men in suits in all posts and in statues in all buildings. All the buildings are named by men and here on the wall there is also much male representation and a small female representation.

And it's not just a feeling, it's the reality that this young woman, Iverna Mc Gowan, wants to change. To do so, she left the Amnesty International board in Brussels to try to become a deputy for Ireland. But not as easy as I thought. "It is very difficult for women, in particular, to be selected to be candidates and elected, and this is something I have discovered for myself. The obstacles women face, be it culture, access to money and other social big ones that are never good enough to be the best candidate or the one that works the hardest. It's naïf, we need quotas, structural support, to achieve greater gender equality. "


SOURCE: https://en.euronews.com/2019/03/08/more-mulheres-ins-institutions-europeias

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