Authorities from the group with the world's biggest economies, the G7, want to see the beginning of the negotiations on the British exit from the European Union, says the French minister of finance, Mishel Sapin.

"In order for the markets to react well, for everything to remain under control, there is a need to start negotiations soon" said Sapin to Reuters when questioned about the conversations relating to the so-called Brexit, during a meeting of G7 representatives this past Saturday (22). 

"We now must be sure about deadlines. By saying that we don't mean to put unnecessary pressure on British authorities, but because I believe this is what the whole world, all the observers and markets need" said Sapin as he left a meeting with the finance ministers and presidents of the Federal Reserves (?) of the G7 countries.

The discussion in G7 occurred at the same time as a meeting in China with representatives from the larger group G20, which encompasses several of the world's biggest economies. 




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