The European Commission is proposing a New Deal for Consumers to ensure that all European consumers fully benefit from their rights under Union law.

While the EU already has some of the strongest rules on consumer protection in the world, recent cases like the Dieselgate scandal, have shown that it is difficult to enforce them fully in practice. The New Deal for Consumers will empower qualified entities to launch representative actions on behalf of consumers and introduce stronger sanctioning powers for Member States' consumer authorities.

The New Deal for Consumers will mean:

1. Strengthening consumer rights online, it aims more transparency in online market places and when searching results on online platforms. There will be created also new consumer rights for “free” digital services.

2. Giving consumers the tools to enforce their rights and get compensation with representative actions witch also gives them better protection against unfair commercial practices.

3. Introducing effective penalties for violations of EU consumer law

4. Tackling dual quality of consumer products

5. The New Deal will remove unnecessary burden for businesses, in way to improve the conditions for businesses


The Commission's proposals will be discussed by the European Parliament and the Council.


Source: European Commission - Press release

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