The European Commission presented the Action Plan on Military Mobility on 28 March. The objective of Federica Mogherini, the foreign representative of the Union,  is to be more effective in reacting when challenges arise.

The Action Plan was actually decided not by the EU, but by the Pentagon and NATO. In 2015, General Ben Hodges, commander of US gound forces in Europe (US Army Europe), called for the establishment of a “military Schengen Area” so that, to face “Russian aggression”, US forces could move quickly from one European country to another, without being slowed down by national regulations and customs procedures.

This is how the “military Schengen Area” is prepared, with the difference that free-to-circulate are not people but tanks. For this Action Plan been possible the mobility barriers must be removed by modifying infrastructures not suitable for the weight or size of military vehicles, in particular bridges and rails with insufficient load capacity. However, this costs are going to be supported by the European citizens, with consequent cuts to social spending and investments in public utility projects.




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