The I Seminar on Technical Cooperation between the UFMG Jean Monnet Chair Program and the Rui Barbosa Institute (IRB) will take place on August 18 , from 2PM to 5PM at the Rui Barbosa Institute). The objective of the seminar is to mark the beginning of the collaboration between the UFMG Jean Monnet Chair and the IRB regarding the realization of events, publications and research projects. The event will be attended by the Hon. President of the TCE/MG, Dr. Sebastian Helvécio Castro Ramos; Professor Dr. Roberto Correia da Silva Gomes Caldas and Professor Dr. Eduardo Augusto Alves Vera-Cruz Pinto, who will deliver the lectures related on the poster below. The event is free and open to the public, with the emission of a 4h certificate, and applications can be made in the website indicated on the poster.



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