Held on November 17th of 2015 , the first Jean Monnet Chair UFMG Seminar was entitled "Europe in a Globalized World : Democracy and Fundamental Rights". The event was attended by distinguished academics such as Professor Dr. Carlos Francisco Molina del Pozo, from the University of Alcalá in Madrid; Professor Manuel Medina Ortega, former member of the European Parliament and Professor Dr . Terina Palacios, from University Cristobal, Mexico. Among the topics discussed were the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Democracy and Defense of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Mexico -European Union relations. After the speakers' lectures, which lasted from 19:00 to about 21:30, space was opened for students to ask questions to the teachers and make comments on the issues outlined. Below are the poster of the Seminar and some photos of the event.




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